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Use the power of change to drive your business into the future.

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Change Management

The sales-i Change Management practice supports you and your business by using the power of change to engage and empower your sales reps. The end goal is for ongoing adoption which will improve performance metrics and achieve your business goals.

Whether you have been using sales-i since the beginning of time or you are a brand new user, a 30-minute discovery call with our sales-i Change Management team will help you move sales-i to the next level.

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How can Change Management help me?

Understand usage

Build ways to really understand how your team are currently using sales-i.

Build comms

Help build communication plans to increase your team's engagement.

Increase adoption

Help with planning on how to increase adoption for new sales-i users.

Implement champions

Discuss implementing champions to help with resistance.

Success planning

Determine if your success plan is clear and concise.

Improve performance

All changes are made to support your business goals.

Getting started with Change Management

What will we discuss on the call?

  • Plan for transition
  • Overcoming resistance
  • Driving behavioral changes
  • Objective metrics for success
  • Agile change plan to drive sustained adoption

Our resident Change Management Coordinator

Are you getting the most out of sales-i?

I’m Christopher and I’m here to make sure you do!

As the Change Management Practice Coordinator at sales-i, my job is to use the power of change to empower our clients to make meaningful changes within their own organization. I’m here to drive your performance improvements and support the achievement of your business goals.

So, whether you have been using sales-i since the beginning of time or you are a brand new user, I would love to work with you on continuing the change to help you get more from our software.

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