sales-i are proud to announce the upcoming release of a newly designed version of Enquiries.

The upgrades are substantial and will have a positive impact on how you use sales-i. The changes have been driven by user feedback and harness the latest emerging tech to deliver a faster, reliable and future-proofed system.

New Enquiries will be rolled out to all sales-i customers throughout 2020.

Your dedicated Account Manager/CSM will be in touch when it’s time for you to upgrade.

Get ready for:

Day level analysis

The ability to search, analyze and compare your data down to day level. Particularly useful if your stock is on a high rotation or has a short shelf life.

Multi row selector

New Enquiries gives the ability to multi-select on rows within an enquiry. You can then drill further down and analyze based on your selection.

Dynamic sub totals

As you select rows from the results table, a Summary will now dynamically update. This can help you see insights such as the % of your profit your top 10 clients bring in.

Faster results & insights

Results are returned in milliseconds, giving you more time to act on them, so you can sell quicker and smarter than ever before.

A new layout

A new intuitive layout makes Enquiries easier to use than ever before, analysis bubbles now being accessible on the same page as your enquiry.

New date ranges

You can now drill by date. For example, in just one click, see how this week compares with last week or compare Black Friday sales this year against last year.

Graphical Trends

A new Trends graph gives the ability for an at a glance visualization of how your sales are trending against last year’s.

Drill trails

You can now navigate back and forth on your Enquiries drill trail without losing it, so you can change and adjust requirements as needed.

Flash removal

sales-i will no longer use Flash. This will increase security, decrease set up and load time and make sales-i more powerful than ever.


When will I be able to use New Enquiries?
Will we receive training on how to use New Enquiries?
Will ongoing support be available?
Will I be able to revert to using the current version of Enquiries if I want to?
Is there anything that I could do in the current version of Enquiries that I won’t be able to do in the newer version?
Will New Enquiries come at an extra cost?
Will I lose my existing Enquiries filters/campaigns?
Will I need to update the app myself or will New Enquiries automatically install?
Can we opt out of the update?
Will there be any downtime on my sales-i app whilst New Enquiries gets upgraded?