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In what is becoming a near $200bn industry, Big Data is swiftly becoming big business. The Data 50 Awards program celebrates those at the forefront of the UK data industry, whether transforming their own organisations or enhancing others’.

Given our love of all things data here at sales-i, our CEO Paul Black was nominated for a coveted spot in these prestigious lists. We’re delighted to announce that he made the list of the Top 10 Data Entrepreneurs in the UK and named one of the ‘data entrepreneurs you should know about in 2017’

idsurfaces building

It’s always great to learn how sales-i is helping our customers. Paul Johnson is Regional Sales Manager for the UK’s largest distributor of surfacing materials, International Decorative Surfaces and has been using sales-i for over 6 years.

At the annual International Decorative Surfaces company awards recently, Paul was recognised for his contribution to innovation and improvement and to acknowledge the role that sales-i has played in this

New website

If you’ve visited our website lately (which you have now, because you’re reading this) you’ve probably noticed that we’ve done quite a lot of tinkering. In fact, we’ve done more than tinker with the site; we’ve actually launched a complete redesign including new branding, navigation and content.

Because of the extent of the changes, I thought it would be fitting to explain exactly what’s changed and why we changed it