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about Big data

Big Data

Big Data and Big Data research got the nod of approval from UK Government earlier this week in the annual Budget, with an estimated £42m being invested in funding the Alan Turing Institute. Paving the way for extensive Big Data and algorithm research, the Institute is a step in the right direction when it comes to our use of Big Data in today’s business world

Big data

Every year the IT industry is talking about a new hot topic, and this year it’s been all about Big Data. Many big names in tech have been discussing what effect Big Data will have on storage and handling of data.

So what’s the big deal with Big Data?

Firstly lets understand what Big Data actually is

Let’s be clear to start that Big Data is not an oversized pale robot from Star Trek – The Next Generation, but is more about your everyday business information.

Cloud computing

The basics of business fundamentally stay the same, however it’s how you communicate, manage and your decisions that changes over time. With modern enhancements to technology you can stay one step ahead of your competitors with better decision-making, easier customer management and a faster sales process. Below are three key growth areas that you should consider