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Big Data

The rise of Big Data has made it easier than ever to gather and analyze information about your customers. However, the more data you collect, the more suspicious your buyers may become of you.

Our CEO, Paul Black spoke to MyCustomer magazine about how companies can use Big Data effectively to improve your customers’ experiences with your company, without the ‘Big Brother’ perception.

5 myths about Big Data that are total BS

A quick Google search of the term ‘Big Data’ brings up big results, about 257,000,000 of them in fact.

With so many different points of view and conflicting opinions about what Big Data is or isn’t, how can you get a rounded idea of what Big Data is and how it can help your business?

Still a mystery to many, Big Data has been a buzzword of late and has the power to transform businesses for the better and launch them into a more profitable, fact-driven future.

But, as with any new topic of interest, buzzword or fad, falsehoods tend to pop up more than facts


Working at a company that specializes in helping sales managers hit (and, in many cases, exceed) their targets, I regularly discuss what tools they use. There are the basic ones like CRM, e-mail tracking software and LinkedIn. All are great tools and should be used daily, however only give you half the story: negotiation skills, positioning and previous interactions.

The other half of the story is the way that a sales manager leads and makes decisions. The best sales managers use data to influence their actions before they make them