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about coronavirus

What we have learned from the challenges of oronavirus as a business
How to make the best out of a challenging situation, learn, adapt and evolve.


With plenty of headlines focusing on the negative impacts and the challenges of the virus, it is more important than ever to share how, as a business, we are moving forward with a positive common cause in mind.

Here are the five key things sales-i have learned so far, with the purpose of ensuring the stepping-stones are in place for when things return back to normality:



Salesperson working from home with sales-i

How you use this time in lockdown, will determine how you come out of it. With sales-i by your side, you can maintain productivity and focus on reaching those vital sales goals, just by using the functions and capabilities within the software.

Joe Cox, UK Sales Manager, shares a practical ‘how-to’ guide in getting the most out of sales-i during the pandemic

Light at the end of the tunnel - how to stay productive during the pandemic

Instead of rushing around the office, being pulled from pillar to post by jumping in on this call and hosting that meeting, we are taking advantage of working from home by being more productive and focused.

Our UK sales team at sales-i are using this time as an opportunity to remain productive by nurturing prospects, building new relationships and booking software demonstrations whilst decision-makers have a less hectic diary