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Recalibrating the Medical Sector Supply Chain
Recalibrating the Medical Sector Supply Chain

The healthcare industry has evolved faster in the last few months than it has over the past 30 years. From embracing new forms of patient engagement and care delivery to the structure of supply chains, everything has changed, so what does the future look like?


An unprecedented surge in demand

The coronavirus may have been the catalyst the healthcare industry needed. As social distancing has become mandatory, services like

Responding Faster to the Needs of Customers
Responding Faster to the Needs of Customers

Many IT service providers have begun introducing new and improved solutions to address their customers’ needs during the pandemic. Those that are acting quickly and effectively can help customers adjust to the difficult situation while building greater trust and loyalty among the communities they serve

Building Our Way Back to the Future

The construction industry worldwide and its complex infrastructure is slowly coming back to life. Tower cranes that dot city landscapes are moving. Cement mixers and pneumatic drills are waking from their enforced silence. From Boston to San Francisco and London to Sydney hammers, toolbelts, and work crews are returning to construction sites, but the disruption from the pandemic has been felt globally