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3 ways to grow your business in the volatile US Timber Markets
3 ways to grow your business in the volatile North American timber markets

 2018 has been a challenging time for those operating within the volatile timber markets. Navigating a way through the uncertainties of unit costs and industry demand whilst attempting to be a proactive, sustainable business remains incredibly difficult for most.

We have created a 3 step agenda for our brave forestry friends to provide a advice during this tough period. A few quick wins that can be used to boost your efforts and take back control over your business

Customer Loyalty

Research by Accenture found that 77% of consumers in the United States are members of a loyalty scheme and 65% of UK shoppers own a Tesco Clubcard and/or Sainsbury’s Nectar card.

With rewards for everything from groceries and dining to beauty products and even building materials – here are some stand out companies that are doing their customer loyalty programs right


A B2B customer loyalty program can drive revenue, improve retention and guarantee repeat sales. Here are a few pointers to be aware of when creating your own B2B customer loyalty program.