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Future-proofing the US Heavy Duty Transportation Industry
Future-proofing the US Heavy Duty Transportation Industry

It’s started. 2018 has witnessed a tsunami of orders for hybrid, electric and fuel cell commercial vehicles. FTR reported that a massive 15,325 new vehicles will be on the roads by 2021 and a whopping 58% of those will be in the US

4 Steps To Growing Your Customer Base
4 Steps to Growing Your Customer Base


“No more customers for me thanks!” – said no business ever!

The challenge to attract new custom has become an increasingly fast-paced treadmill in an over-subscribed gym. The opportunities are there, but the competition is fierce.

So, how do you make sure all your hard work delivers results? You need to employ my 4-step approach:


corporate gifting best practice

Whether it’s Christmas time or just to mark a certain point in your relationship with a client or staff member, corporate gifting has a really positive effect on relationship management. But you have to do it right. For some companies, corporate gifting is a beautifully wrapped ethical can of worms, that strikes fear into the hearts of management. If done correctly however, it could really boost client retention and staff morale