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Sales and marketing – A match made in the heavens.
Sales and marketing – A match made in the heavens.

Off the shelf sales enablement tools are the way forward when it comes to aligning sales and marketing according to a new report from Forrester

To demonstrate the value of sales-i throughout a day in the life of a salesperson we have created a timeline of activity with and without sales-i

We have armed Jess at company A with sales-i. Jo at company B doesn’t have access to a business intelligence platform like sales-i

Data-driven business decisions will help grow your success.

Article written by Chris Rogers, Account Executive at sales-i.

After reading Randy Bean and Tom Davenport’s article on why Companies are Failing to Become Data-Driven, it was important to highlight how these findings tie into the manufacturing and distribution sectors around the globe.

Becoming ‘data-driven’ is something that every organization considers, because data has proven to be valuable for so many