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Improve your demo closing rate
Improve your demo closing rate – stop training prospects.

How many times have you finished your product demonstration and sat back with a smug sense of self-satisfaction at how well it all seemed to go? I mean, you talked non-stop, showed off its benefits and the prospect was so impressed they couldn’t think of a single question at the end! Job done.

Hmm, any alarm bells ringing?

OK, to be kind to many salespeople, sometimes a sale is that easy to close. Bamboozle the right person at the right time and you can get an order

8 steps to delivering a killer demo – Pt.2
8 Steps To Delivering A Killer Demo – Pt.2


Welcome back to our 8 essential steps to delivering a killer demo. In our last instalment, we made sure our prospect was at the right point in their buying journey to benefit from a demo, we personalized the demo to have greater impact and set a clear agenda on what the demo would cover. If you missed it you can read it here.

Now we can get stuck into the actual demo! Let’s go…



8 steps to delivering a killer demo – Pt.1
8 Steps To Delivering A Killer Demo – Pt.1


A good demonstration can make or break a deal. We’ve all seen a range of pitches and presentations. We’ve all hidden behind our hands in horror, but not often enough sat slack-jawed in amazement. Why aren’t we often impressed? How can you deliver a killer demo?

Honestly, it is very difficult to make the same content fun when you deliver the same speech eight times a day, five days a week, every month