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1st November 2018
Happy Pumpkins employee of the month Oct 2018
Employees of the Month

Halloween has passed with all of its frights, spooks, and tricks – now it’s time for a TREAT!

Yes, it’s time to award our employees of the month!


USA Winner Ross Plummer Senior Customer Success Manager

Newly engaged Ross (congrats you beautiful pair!) has been with the sales-i squad for over 4 years now. His professionalism and collaboration skills have cemented Ross as an indispensable member of the family

EOTH Sep 18
Employees of the Month

It’s getting dark and chilly outside but the warm glow of appreciation of a job well-done will be keeping three special people warm this month

employee of the month august 2018

Whilst most of the world seemed to be away posting pictures on social media of beautiful beaches and exotic cocktails, three very special sales-i employees have had their nose to the grind stone.

So, who outshone the hot Summer sun this August with their outstanding contributions?


UK Winner Steve Grosvenor Implementation Consultant

Always fully dedicated to his work, August was a particularly busy month for the data team. Steve had the praise of many of his peers as he remained on top of an increased workload