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flying blind

As a CEO do you make decisions based on gut instinct or data?

Do you trust the reports your executives give you?

Surprisingly, 46% of executives massage data before handing it over to their CEO ( Maybe you too are flying blind without even realizing it. Read through the SlideShare below to see how you can overcome this very common problem.

Surprising stats about CEOs

A CEOs role is not an easy one, many assume you can come and go as you please, simply delegate tasks or you are an all-knowing, magically competent leader. Of course, the truth is much different, as CEOs need to meet the needs of employees, customers, investors, communities and the law. How a CEO spends their time is what defines the company and its profits

4 ways a CEO can help create sales success

As CEO of your company, you’re probably overrun with jobs to do, people demanding your attention every other minute and an overarching responsibility to ensure the success of your company.

At the end of the day, a CEO has to report back to his or her board of directors and demonstrate year-on-year sales success. While no CEO should micro-manage their head of sales, every single one should take a serious interest in the way that all-important department is going