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trucking in a COVID-19 world
Keep on trucking: What’s next for the heavy-duty sector?


The Heavy-duty sector is the backbone of the US, shipping goods all over the country, whether its fuel, medical supplies, raw materials, or consumer goods. If for whatever reason, trucking was to stop overnight, the whole country would grind to a halt.

Like many industries though, the sector felt the effects of COVID-19 straight away


As the single biggest employer in the United States, we take a look at the heavy duty trucking industry to understand what makes it so great and what the future holds for this behemoth of an industry. We’ve researched everything from the value of the industry to who rules the roads when it comes to market share.

Whether you manage a fleet of trucks or distribute HD parts, this infographic shares some fascinating insights into the industry.

Future-proofing the US Heavy Duty Transportation Industry
Future-proofing the US Heavy Duty Transportation Industry

It’s started. 2018 has witnessed a tsunami of orders for hybrid, electric and fuel cell commercial vehicles. FTR reported that a massive 15,325 new vehicles will be on the roads by 2021 and a whopping 58% of those will be in the US