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Food and drink industry report

The UK food and drink industry was worth just over £95bn in 2016. Certainly, not an industry to be sniffed at, we recently partnered with leading publication Food and Drink International to take a thorough look into the state of the industry.

We surveyed over 160 professionals from across the food and drink industry to get a deeper understanding of how they perceive their industry, in which areas they’re optimistic and where they feel the biggest threats lie

House building in the UK

According to The Guardian, the number of new-build homes in England is at a record high since the economic downturn in 2009. Up 23% on the previous year, the amount of completed homes in England in 2015 reached almost 150,000.

Yet in early January of this year, the UK Government set an even more pressing target of achieving 200,000 completed homes in 2016