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The HVAC industry is on the rise. In line with the rebound of fortunes of the larger construction industry, the HVAC market is currently experiencing a boom in business close to the record highs of 2005.

HVAC industry research has the global market in 2018 values at US $ 91.30 billion with a prediction of it reaching US $ 173 billion by 2024


If you work in manufacturing you’ve probably heard the phrase ‘industry 4.0’ or ‘business 4.0’, first things first, what on earth does it actually mean?

Industry 4.0 is a somewhat scary ‘end of days’ techy way of saying that we’re now into the 4th era of industry. Some have described it as a 4th Industrial Revolution.

So, that’s an Industry 4

Internet of Things

In the coming months, it’s highly likely that you’ll hear a lot about the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) or ‘Internet of Everything’ (IoE), very vague sounding turns of phrase that you may think are strictly reserved for Star Trek nerds, technophiles and geeks.

The potential for the Internet of Things is so huge, however, that it may be about to make the inventions of the wheel, sliced bread and even its own Father, the Internet, look like trivial steps in mankind’s journey into the future, and, more importantly, change the way you order pizza forever