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AI in Manufacturing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in manufacturing shows the greatest positive impact when compared to other industries. With documented success, why then are so many manufacturers slow to get onboard the AI train? And are those who have committed to AI reaping the full extent of the benefits it can offer?


58% of business and technology professionals are researching AI systems, yet only 12% are actively using them. (Source)

Manufacturing Business

In what is increasingly becoming a heavily commoditized market, manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to add value and set themselves apart from the rest of the companies in their direct line of fire.

As customers continue to rewrite the rules of what is expected of you as a manufacturer, you need to be prepared to rewrite your value proposition accordingly. Here are four powerful value adds that you can introduce into your business to ensure that you always remain front and center when your customers are ready to by.


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A decade after the economic downturn, the job market has finally started to rebound with jobs being added in nearly every sector. The unemployment rate in both the US and UK has been sitting at around 4% for the last few years, down from an average of 6.5% in 2014. While most companies are having success finding the candidates they need to fill their open positions, businesses in the manufacturing sector have been struggling to get applicants through the door.

The National Association of Manufacturers estimates that US companies will face