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118 words and phrases you should never use in emails (unless you love spam filters)

Ah spam filters, the kryptonite of any super salesman or woman looking to get in touch with a prospect without calling or meeting them.

To beat the virtual gatekeepers, you’re better off not saying certain words, or they’ll get angry and throw your mail out before your prospect even gets a chance to ignore it.

If, like my Mother and girlfriend, you’re one of those people who always needs to know why, please feel free to tweet us @sales_i and we’ll let you know exactly why spam filters don’t like the words in the list of spam words below


Although digital timekeeping has supplanted it for the most part, there still exists an appreciation for the work of a watchmaker. The precision and skill that goes into even the humblest wristwatch is impressive to consider. Assembling the gears and springs in such a way to keep perfect time requires skill, dexterity and patience — the same can be said of building a successful Internet marketing lead generation campaign. Like a watch, a successful campaign is comprised of many small components that need to work in harmony to perform their function

plank meeting

Meetings can be a bit boring. Sometimes they can go on for longer than you need them to, aren’t as productive as you’d hoped and can end up with you and your team having more questions than answers.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Meetings can be things to look forward to rather than loathe and hiss at like angry, rabies-ridden badgers.

So, how can you improve your meetings and make sure they get the most out of your staff? Here are 7 ideas.