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5 Advantages of mobile CRM with BI analytics

Mobiles, or cell phones depending on which side of the pond you reside, are now a lot more than their title suggests. They’re miniature computers that we have learned to take for granted. So much so that we regularly sit on them, let our toddlers play with them and drop them down the toilet. Can you imagine hearing that 20 or 30 years ago?

Mobile devices have evolved to be an essential tool in our everyday lives in such a short span of time that it is easy to forget that our CEOs, managers, parents and even me (despite my youthful looks!) experienced a life without them completely


Yesterday, someone over at Apple finally got to smash a glass window with a tiny hammer and press the big, shiny red button that had been staring at them shouting “PRESS ME, PRESS ME!” for months on end to finally unleash iOS9 on the world.

Apple claim to have made a number of improvements to i0S9; naturally, some of them won’t work and will have people complaining on Twitter in no time. For now though, here are some of the best that supposedly work.


Benefits of using mobile technology

We’re a connected world now. Relying on our mobile devices to download music, keep in touch with family, map the route to our next meeting and send a hello email to colleagues travelling across Europe. Mobile technology is big, and only set to get bigger over the next decade.

That’s why I was surprised yesterday to read that over 74% of businesses don’t allocate any budget for mobile technology