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Driving sales performance and developing your business is always going to be at the forefront of your mind. Actively pursuing new leads, carefully monitoring progress, and regulating success are all vital facets when it comes to tracking performance. But how do you know if your current sales processes are working? Do they need to change in order to achieve your business growth goals?

Want to know how to increase numbers of customers? Using a sales performance calculator is one of the best strategies to increase sales

Gordon Gekko

This isn’t an 80’s rom-com and you are not Gordon Gekko. Business catchphrases are cliché and often flag up to customers that you are not treating them as individuals. Overused sales patter can quickly turn a client off. So, pause next time you go to assure someone your product is a ‘win-win’ for them or that it provides ‘peace of mind’… yawn. You can do better than that. Tell them a real example from a current client similar to them, or better yet, tailor a few personalized projections based on your prospect’s business


A new year means a new start. You’re looking for new prospects, new business and new deals. Everyone starts a new year with the best of intentions to make this year the best one yet. On a professional level, we want this year to be our most profitable and there will be a lot of people (some your prospects) that are looking for ways to make this a reality.

Could your product or service make their New Year hopes and dreams come true? The prospects are out there, you just need to find them. That is exactly where social media can be your knight in shining armor