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Now is the time to really manage your team.
Now is the time to really manage your team.

As a manager right now, if you’re separated from your team and unable to rely on hitting the phones to fill salespeople’s diaries – what can you do? And do you know what your team is doing?

Our team has collated a series of practical instructions to get your employees contributing to the future success of your business by actively using sales-i’s range of CRM features. Getting your teams online and building CRM data now will fuel growth later

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Buying a new sales software tool can be a very exciting time. Yet, 63%  of larger companies risk project failure as they find implementation and adoption a much harder process. Watching boardroom excitement descend into shop floor apathy is a real possibility if you don’t do your homework. You need to get everyone in your company pumped to use the new sales software – not just the CEO

role of the sales manager
Tip 2: The role of a sales manager

It may sound like it’s easy to describe what a sales manager’s role is but so many get it so wrong.

Realistically, a sales manager should only concentrate on two areas:

To manage their team to achieve TODAY’S goals To recruit, develop and nurture their team to achieve TOMORROW’S goals

It’s that simple