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Business turns to Jan/San sector to boost confidence
Business turns to Jan/San sector to boost confidence.

How will the Jan/San sector provide the much-needed confidence for business to return to normal and adapt to new and evolving market conditions?

The janitorial and sanitation industry doesn’t have the high profile of some of the sectors we work alongside. However, the industry is now front and center in the response to COVID-19 with the support it can offer businesses returning to normality.


An important role in business going forward

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For the foreseeable future, we live in a new Covid-19-normal way of business and life. Whether we like it or not, the way we sell has to change along with the circumstances. It will be a tall task to gain market share while we are in the eye of the storm, but the activities and actions we take now will be the determining factor to our success on the other end of these times.

As business leaders, now is a time to think about stockpiling opportunity for the future, while maintaining the business we currently have

sales lead generation

I’m going to start this blog by shamelessly saying that sales-i is a great sales lead generation tool to help your prospect and spot opportunities within your existing customer base. Every wholesale distribution company should at least look at its capabilities to empower their sales team.

Right, with that out of the way let’s take a look at other sales tools to help sales lead generation and feed that pipeline