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Now is the time to really manage your team.
Now is the time to really manage your team.

As a manager right now, if you’re separated from your team and unable to rely on hitting the phones to fill salespeople’s diaries – what can you do? And do you know what your team is doing?

Our team has collated a series of practical instructions to get your employees contributing to the future success of your business by actively using sales-i’s range of CRM features. Getting your teams online and building CRM data now will fuel growth later

The Never-Ending Sales Pipeline Journey

B2B sales is notoriously slow in converting prospects from mildly interested to your newest brand evangelists. It can be a thankless task to move them along the never-ending sales pipeline full of unreturned calls, unhelpful gatekeepers and half-heartedly received meetings.


How long is the average timescale from first contact with a prospect to onboarding within your company? 3 months? 6? Longer? How can you make the whole process quicker and less painful for all involved?


Simply put – you need more information