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The art of sales is a minefield. If it was easy, we’d all be doing it. With this in mind, we’ve come up with 5 handy sales hints and sales skills to help you sell more.

Working in sales can be a minefield. High pressure, limited time, strong competition, bad press, you can be flavor of the month one month yet tossed to a side the next.

It can be even harder when you’re trying to sell technical products to average Joe who hasn’t got a degree in advanced mathematics. So how can you make selling easier for yourself, no matter how technical the product is?

Think F.A.B …

Features, Advantages and Benefits

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Some swear selling over the phone is harder than face to face, where as others state the opposite. All types of sales come with their challenges, not least the words you use to present yourself. Arguably the most important weapon in your sales arsenal is your vocabulary. It can be the difference between creating a rapport with your customer and falling completely flat.

Whilst many will rely on following the crowd to get by – that’s the last mantra you want to live by as a salesperson. Find our top 5 overused phrases to avoid in sales below