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Jump back in time to the early ‘90s, when email was starting to infiltrate its way into our daily lives and you were probably excited to see that ‘1 new message’ sign in your email client. It didn’t matter what it said, it was an email sent to you by another person – this was some kind of witchcraft and obviously, you were going to read it (in full).

But forget reminiscing and bring yourself back to the present day; no doubt you’ll find your inbox filled with spam and your first thought is to delete or ignore most messages

Smartphone for business

It’s estimated that there will be close to 6.1bn smartphone users globally by 2020, a number that is already fast overtaking the traditional fixed line telephones. And a staggering 10% of Americans don’t have any internet access at home beyond their smartphone’s data plan. It’s safe to say that we’re smartphone addicts and their prevalence has transformed the way we work and play.

Using smartphones for business can help your team to connect quickly with customers, while your mobile workforce will be empowered to collaborate even when they’re away from the office

3 ways sales software can benefit the building supplies industry

Implementing sales software in the building supplies industry can be a very effective tool for keeping your business manageable and up-to-date. Whether you supply to trade, contractors or retail outlets, sales software can help your sales team to maximize profits and expand your business to even greater heights.

Designed to make every aspect of managing your business easier, sales software can improve efficiency in all areas of the business when utilised correctly