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flying blind

As a CEO do you make decisions based on gut instinct or data?

Do you trust the reports your executives give you?

Surprisingly, 46% of executives massage data before handing it over to their CEO ( Maybe you too are flying blind without even realizing it. Read through the SlideShare below to see how you can overcome this very common problem.

The Importance of Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is often overlooked by many B2B companies, with them usually looking to new business than retaining their existing base. However, these stats will show you the importance of customer loyalty and why having a strong retention strategy really sets your company apart from your competition, and will keep them queuing up for more.

Captivating sales stats

Statistics are amazing, thought provoking and easy to remember. These 21 sales stats may not shape your sales strategy but will give you an insight into how salespeople approach their roles. And let’s face it… Who doesn’t enjoy a good stat!

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