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We are often guilty of ignoring our problems and just letting them tick away in the background while we focus on the positive things in our lives.

While it’s a nice way to go about living in the short term, it can do you some serious damage in the long-term.

Minor health niggles, small financial difficulties and bad habits can all become much more serious problems in the future if we ignore them in the present.

Well, believe it or not, exactly the same can be said for your sales process

Twitter for salespeople

Traditionally, filling the sales pipeline with hot prospects was done by knocking on doors and doing some good old-fashioned networking. Then, as the ubiquity of phones increased, office-based lead generation became popular. Now, social media sites such as Twitter are offering a new and different avenue for salespeople to find their prospects.

Unfortunately, where many have tried, few have succeeded. Not many salespeople have an effective way of generating prospects from the powerful tool that is Twitter

Become a LinkedIn pro

All too often, people treat LinkedIn as just another social platform. It’s not. It’s far from it. Why? Because some things simply shouldn’t crossover from business to pleasure or vice-versa: You shouldn’t employ your friends; you shouldn’t drink at work; you shouldn’t talk business at a party. But most of all, you should never use LinkedIn like Facebook.

Not too long ago, I wrote an article called ‘How Salespeople Should be Using Social Media’. You can read it