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Embracing with a technological change to future-proof your business.

Introducing new technology can seem daunting and complicated but keeping up with the technological change – while providing your customers with the experience they demand – is essential to business success


To help customers react and adapt to the current situation, sales-i has developed the Kickstart Dashboard, which will be available to all customers as they upgrade to New Enquiries.

The dashboard can be accessed via a tab on the desktop/Web App version of sales-i and will be available to users as selected by the customer. It uses existing data and requires no additional data uploads or access to any supplementary sales figures

sales-i user taking advantage of the free webinars

From this point forward, you need to ensure every business decision you make is going to be the right one – but how do you do that?

Gary Lynch, Software Training Consultant at sales-i, explores just how you can use your sales enablement software to get ahead of the competition and beat the post-lockdown struggle, whilst increasing your sales and nurturing customer relationships