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Industry-leading dispatch technology and sales intelligence software developers join forces to help customers make informed financial decisions as the economy starts to reopen.


CHICAGO, IL, May 11th, 2020 Elite EXTRA, a developer of advanced dispatch software, is pleased to announce it has partnered with award-winning sales enablement software developer, sales-i

Myths about digital transformation

Digital technology has undeniably transformed the way we do business, with smart technology that is real time, predictive and accessible from just about anywhere. We have the ability to gather powerful data in one place within an instant, to determine with unerring accuracy what our future looks like. From investigating customer health and buying behaviors, to analyzing revenue and finding new gaps of up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, the power of technology today is nothing like we have experienced before

Data-driven business decisions will help grow your success.

Article written by Chris Rogers, Account Executive at sales-i.

After reading Randy Bean and Tom Davenport’s article on why Companies are Failing to Become Data-Driven, it was important to highlight how these findings tie into the manufacturing and distribution sectors around the globe.

Becoming ‘data-driven’ is something that every organization considers, because data has proven to be valuable for so many