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Benefits of using mobile technology

We’re a connected world now. Relying on our mobile devices to download music, keep in touch with family, map the route to our next meeting and send a hello email to colleagues travelling across Europe. Mobile technology is big, and only set to get bigger over the next decade.

That’s why I was surprised yesterday to read that over 74% of businesses don’t allocate any budget for mobile technology

Increase sales with one solution

You may have seen titles like the above many times when searching the web with no real substance behind the claim. However, according to data collected by the Aberdeen Group, companies that use Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics Software enjoyed a sales lift 73% higher than companies that didn’t.

So, how does

Smartphone apps for salespeople

In the United States, people spend an average of 151 minutes per day looking at their smartphones. That’s over 2 and a half hours dedicated solely to staring at the world through a tiny, touch-screen window. While this may sound like an incredibly scary statistic – and for the most part, it is – it’s not all bad. The smartphone has simply replaced other pieces of tech such as the office phone, the PC and even the Gameboy.

The whole point of smartphones, after all, is to make our lives easier