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Smartphone for business

It’s estimated that there will be close to 6.1bn smartphone users globally by 2020, a number that is already fast overtaking the traditional fixed line telephones. And a staggering 10% of Americans don’t have any internet access at home beyond their smartphone’s data plan. It’s safe to say that we’re smartphone addicts and their prevalence has transformed the way we work and play.

Using smartphones for business can help your team to connect quickly with customers, while your mobile workforce will be empowered to collaborate even when they’re away from the office


The UK automotive industry is incredibly profitable. Contributing to over 10% of the UK’s exports, it’s not one to be sniffed at.

Yet, it is an industry that it still relatively trapped in the dark ages. Despite churning out some impressive high tech product developments, the industry is still stuck in analogue when it comes to adopting new technology that can really benefit bottom lines.

Our CEO, Paul Black, has recently discussed this burning issue at length with


Let’s face it: the tech world is harvesting more than its fair share of flops. Even the most successful companies have missed out on opportunities that seem so obvious to us today. All of the companies on this list had high expectations, a huge grip on the market or were first out of the running blocks, only to squander it and leave their competitors to clean up.