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Sales and marketing managers shouldn’t be technophobes

Businesses today are facing an uphill battle to get their sales and marketing managers to adopt automation technology, as it is often viewed with suspicion.

If movies are anything to go by then this is probably true. For instance, the villain of The Terminator series isn’t the Terminator; it’s Skynet, the all-knowing super computer. It’s the same story for a host of other movies too such as 2001: A Space Odyssey or I Must Scream.However, the reality is that automated technology is here to aid business processes and should be at least considered


Yesterday, someone over at Apple finally got to smash a glass window with a tiny hammer and press the big, shiny red button that had been staring at them shouting “PRESS ME, PRESS ME!” for months on end to finally unleash iOS9 on the world.

Apple claim to have made a number of improvements to i0S9; naturally, some of them won’t work and will have people complaining on Twitter in no time. For now though, here are some of the best that supposedly work.


Technology that went supernova

I’m showing my age here but I actually remember the launch of Google back in 1998. I was sitting at the one oversized, yellowy-white computer that we had at my school , which was to be shared by me and my 30 other classmates, exploring the 100 websites which existed at the time through Yahoo’s search engine, when one of my friends suggested that I should use Google instead