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Big Data is your new story

Storytelling is the most effective method of communication. Stories have impact, create memories, visualize events and lead someone down a very specific path. Stories generate emotional attachment, articulate facts and ultimately drive people to their own conclusions. I mean, who doesn’t like a beginning, middle and end?

Hollywood knows that a good story makes money, so why can’t businesses adopt the same method? All good stories need substance, and in the business world, data is your substance.

Storytelling is the most effective method of communication

Tech that will change your life

I came across an interesting article online the other day. It was about weird jobs that used to exist but that don’t anymore, mostly because we invented some new tech to do it for us. Halfway through the article, something struck me: one day, someone will probably put together a similar article about the jobs of today.

The comments will read along the lines of “People used to sit at computers all day typing? HAHAHA! That’s ridiculous!” and “Yea my Grandfather emailed me a story once about driving his car

Best web browser

Once upon a time when computers had the processing power equivalent to that of Harry the Hamster running around in his wheel, there was the Zeus of web, the daddy of all browsers, the one to rule them all- Internet Explorer. Every man and his dog used IE to ‘surf’ the web (I remember when that term was actually used quite often) and, as a result, it’s still engrained into most of us as our default web browser