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A brand new update to sales-i on your iPhone and iPad is now available to download from the App Store on your device.

We’ve used the very latest Split Screen and Slide Over features from Apple. These features allow you to simultaneously view two panes side by side. For example, you can view sales-i in one pane and draft an email to your customer in the other.


We’re delighted to announce a brand new update to both the browser based and iOS versions of sales-i, now available online or to download from the Apple App Store.

Browser based version

Tagging: We’ve introduced the ability to add tags to the Record Card that will save you valuable time when managing a project

insights on iOS update

We’re excited to announce another great update from our development team. These new features are now available for your iPhone and iPad. Head over to the App store to download all of these brand new features.

We’ve completely redesigned the Accounts page with a cleaner look so you can access all the information you need faster than ever before. A number of new icons, features and actions make for an all round better user experience