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New website

If you’ve visited our website lately (which you have now, because you’re reading this) you’ve probably noticed that we’ve done quite a lot of tinkering. In fact, we’ve done more than tinker with the site; we’ve actually launched a complete redesign including new branding, navigation and content.

Because of the extent of the changes, I thought it would be fitting to explain exactly what’s changed and why we changed it


Christmas has come early here at sales-i HQ, as our development team has been working tirelessly on some brand spanking new additions to the sales-i Business Intelligence app on iOS.

If you’re using sales-i on an iPad or iPhone, we’ve added some great new features for you this release:

A beautifully redesigned contact form that now includes some mandatory fields such as name, email and address so you always have the relevant information for each contact to hand


Another week sees yet another announcement from our business intelligence app development team. This time, we’re seeing the launch of Autopilot on Android.

Now available as a free add-on to the sales-i business intelligence app on Android, Autopilot will revolutionize your sales meetings, making every customer interaction personal and profitable with zero effort