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Food and drink industry report

The UK food and drink industry was worth just over £95bn in 2016. Certainly, not an industry to be sniffed at, we recently partnered with leading publication Food and Drink International to take a thorough look into the state of the industry.

We surveyed over 160 professionals from across the food and drink industry to get a deeper understanding of how they perceive their industry, in which areas they’re optimistic and where they feel the biggest threats lie

Automotive Aftermarket Industry Trends Report

The Automotive Aftermarket industry is huge, and it’s only going to get bigger this year. Have you ever wondered what your competitors are up to? How do they keep their customers? How are they competing and what are they selling?

We surveyed hundreds of executives and examined some of the most successful automotive businesses to find out the current state of the North American Automotive Aftermarket.

In our Automotive Aftermarket Industry Report, we reveal the top tips, tricks and opportunities to transform your automotive business in 2015

Why Salesforce needs Business Intelligence

It makes sound business sense that you are already using Salesforce, you understand the value of technology and can see the benefits such tools can bring to your organization.

Your Salesforce account is fine for collecting customer-oriented information, but do you really know your customers well enough to make smart, personalized business decisions and exploit every sales opportunity? This is Salesforce’s missing piece.

Salesforce is in need of something more, something that will empower you as a salesperson to make the most of every single sales opportunity