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Sales Strategy Secrets of a Social Ninja

With millions of people using the major social platforms every second, the chances are that your desired prospects are out there somewhere. Finding them, however, can prove easier said than done.

Long gone are the days of cold calling for the Social Ninja, who understands the importance of the relationship before the call, and the power of social media in creating it

Business Intelligence for Manufacturers

With the increase in globalization, a flagging economy and a customer demanding more by the day, manufacturers of all shapes and sizes are finding themselves a little stuck. The odd peak here and there when the industry is on the up are short and sweet, and manufacturers soon find themselves back where they started. Business Intelligence software for manufacturers is now becoming an answer to many of the industry’s questions.

Manufacturers are of course trying to work out what causes slumps in the industry

Free whitepaper for office supplies

The office products industry is incredibly and increasingly hard to compete in.

Walmart alone made $466.1 billion in net sales for the fiscal year ending January 2013. And they’re not alone; smaller e-tailers who didn’t sell office products until recently are on the rise too, widening their scope through online advertising, SEO-optimisation and social platforms.

On the other hand, the king of all online retailers have further contributed to our step away from smaller, local stores and chains. Amazon, for example, generated $67