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Going mobile in Jan/San industry

The janitorial and sanitation supply industry is moving at such a fast pace, it is often difficult to keep up. And in a sector worth an incredible $23.6bn, it is not an industry any business would ever want to fall behind in.

That’s why in ‘Going Mobile in the Janitorial and Sanitation Supplies Industry’ we outline five benefits of using mobile technology to help smaller companies compete with the ‘big boys’ and claw back some of their market share.

Going mobile is the next step in the competitive race and will keep you biting at the heels of your top competitors

Building Supplies industry whitepaper

The building and construction industry was hit particularly hard during the recession. Throughout the downturn, projects were left half completed and the stunning cityscapes we all envisaged became desolate wastelands of untouched properties, office blocks and commercial buildings. Plans and blueprints were tossed to the wayside and even the most established of building supply companies and retail chains encountered tough times.

But with every downturn comes a recovery and the industry has made a stellar comeback