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The BP Group inks new partnership with sales-i

written by Natalie Davies

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sales-i has signed a partnership agreement with the Business Performance Group (BP Group) to offer sales-i to its existing and prospective clients to help accelerate sales, improve profitability and increase service levels. The new agreement is signed exclusively with the BP Group to address the UK office products market.

The BP Group specialises in helping organizations to keep their customers and staff happy. Offering a broad range of business services from top-down business reviews, through to training and development and solutions advice across sales, marketing, logistics and purchasing, the BP Group works with organizations to help them win business consistently and effectively.

“Sales and customer intelligence is at the heart of winning and retaining business,” comments Luke Chapman, managing director of the BP Group and former sales director at Integra, where he was responsible for introducing sales-i to member companies. “Accurate decisions can only be made if you are looking at the full picture armed with all the trends and variances. sales-i delivers that complete sales and customer buying intelligence intuitively and across a number of devices, i.e. laptops and mobile phones.” Luke continues, “Delivered simply, without any need for hardware or infrastructure to support it, and charged on a monthly fee, makes sales-i a must-have for sales focused organizations like our BP Group customers.”

Luke witnessed first hand the impact that sales-i had on his former Integra customers and is keen to offer that same sales advantage to his BP Group clients, “These are tough trading times and many independent dealers need to look closely at sales and margins and the opportunities within their business, to build on their future success. I am confident that a combination of our consultative business services at BP Group coupled with a visible sales and customer intelligence solution from sales-i will deliver a compelling return on investment for dealers of all sizes, now in the future.”

Paul Black is co-founder of sales-i and thrilled to welcome the BP Group as a partner. “The industry has responded very well to the BP Group in a very short time and that is testament to the experience and expertise of the team behind the company, and the timeliness of the services it offers. We are delighted that Luke and the team are adding sales-i to their portfolio of services and we look forward to generating many more successes together with independent dealers across the UK.”

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I'm another marketing bod here at sales-i (that is marketing exec come social secretary, branded wardrobe, stationary cupboard, fixer of the printer and chief maker of a terrible cup of tea). I get to work with the two delights that are Chris and Steve who have taken it upon themselves to educate me on all things football and Star Wars. I’m a Villa or Birmingham City fan depending on which of them you ask. I really rather enjoy reading and writing (I'm not that great at the maths thing, as Chris will tell you). What I lack in Star Wars and football knowledge, I make up for with a keen eye for a good wine and a great impression of a Wookie.

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