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The power of being social in sales

written by sales-i Marketing Team

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Being social is part of our innate human nature, so it is definitely not something to be sniffed at as a salesperson. People buy from people and building relationships is probably the only way to make consistent sales.

The way we, as consumers, approach a sale today has changed over the last five years or so. With the development of social media has come the development of a ‘savvy’ customer that is already an educated individual that knows what they do and do not want before you even make that first call as a salesperson.

So, being social has become a large part of the buying cycle, from better prospecting to sharing product reviews on Twitter and finding out all of the latest happenings using Sales 2.0 solutions. User-generated content has grown a huge amount in the last few years. Just to put a figure on it, almost 400 billion pieces of content (links, notes, photos, videos etc) are shared on Facebook in a year. But can this extensive network of shared information really help your sales?

Our recent whitepaper, 5 steps to successful selling in a modern world, touched upon the importance of using social media as a salesperson, but our next series of blog posts will dig into the depths of social media.

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