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Infographic: The power of Data Visualization

written by April Brunt

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Check out our Infographic on how you can harness the power of Data Visualization in your business to make the most of every interaction.

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Visit our feature to learn how to turn your data into results!

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I’m a marketing executive here at sales-i with a special place in my heart for geometric shapes, uneven numbers and statement acrylic jewellery. I live by the mantra ‘If it’s not a right angle, it’s a wrong angle’ (Monica Geller, Friends, 1990’s) – so don’t mess with my stuff and ALWAYS make sure the pen lid clicks when replaced. I have come to sales-i from an arts marketing background via an almost famous singing career and a polite decline of an offer of a place on the Coventry City football team. Cat memes, cake and upcycling take up the rest of my time when I am not beavering away at work. Connect with me on LinkedIn: April Brunt

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