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sales-i helps UBT members to sell smarter by making every customer interaction personal and profitable.


We're an approved rebate supplier

As a UBT Approved Rebate Supplier we help businesses just like yours gain a competitive edge to raise more money for good causes. We do this by giving you a sales performance tool that provides you with the visibility you need to manage hundreds of relationships, improve visibility and accelerate sales of multiple product lines.


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What other UBT customers say

Neil Parsons, Leach's

“The reporting and CRM facilities of sales-i have been a huge game changer for our company. We would highly recommend anyone who doesn’t have a reporting or CRM system to make the investment. It’s the simplest system we have found and paid for itself in the 3 months we’ve used it.”

Neil Trevvett, Clad Safety

“sales-i gives us brilliant visibility of our customer buying patterns and GP. The ability to quickly drill down into further information by customer or by product is powerful. The system is simple but effective. Any business with repeat-order customers couldn’t fail to benefit from using sales-i.”

Richard Jenner, Broadfix

“We were impressed with the speedy turnaround at sales-i, from initial enquiry to the system going live only took two days. Training will be starting shortly, and we’re looking forward to the benefits that sales-i will bring.”


“sales-i’s Campaign Manager saves us hours when keeping in contact with customers. We use it to create intelligent, targeted call lists for our sales guys, enabling them to be proactive and more efficient. Our sales guys are often busy, but not always on what is making them effective. They no longer have to even think about their call list as it’s automatically generated for them and emailed, so all they have to do is open it and start working.”


“Since using sales-i, we have noticed increased visibility for the sales team in terms of visits made, and logging outcomes from the calls made. sales-i is a great CRM package that delivers customer sales information in a user-friendly format.”


“sales-i has been great since our very first dealings, the system is truly excellent and we couldn’t imagine life without it!”

How we've helped Springpack

With the help of sales-i, the team at Springpack is now enjoying the increased level of customer insight that the system is providing. Armed with this level of information, they’re able to work more intelligently and continue to exceed their customers’ expectations.

100+ UBT delighted customers
99% Customer retention rate
7.3% Average revenue increase

Better visibility

Instantly know your customers’ purchasing habits, favourite products and spend trends whilst every interaction is recorded. Don’t make it easy for them to switch to another supplier.


Meet sales targets

Get the information to be lightening fast to your customers’ needs. Never miss a sales target again by feeding your team with profitable opportunities that point them in the right direction.


Be competitive

Thousands of companies are competing for your business, margins get squeezed and profits suffer. We identify competitor hot spots early and where they may be undercutting you.


Working with UBT

This video explains how sales-i works and how it can benefit your business.

Our CEO Paul Black explains how sales-i has been helping the UBT community.

Sales slipping? Not any more

You probably don't realise but there are sales opportunities sitting right there in your back office system. sales-i is the tool to extract that data into a simple, easy to understand format, regardless of whether you're management or out selling in the field.


Snapshot reporting is one of sales-i’s most powerful features. It saves you a huge amount of time and brings together a professional presentation at the click of a button. Tailor your report to show everything you and your customer need, and nothing you don’t. Include information such as transactional analysis, account performance overview, spending habits and products your customer has purchased (or not).


What does Snapshot look like?


snapshot sales report

The benefits

Better visibility

Find out which customers' sales are falling unexpectedly, what they are buying, when they were last contacted and much more.

Easily manage accounts

Plan and manage your day with ease, knowing who to call, when to call and what to talk about.

Never miss an opportunity

Identify selling weaknesses in your customer base. E.g. Who has bought product A but not product B.

Spot competitor threats

Quickly identify which accounts are leaking revenue and which are at threat due to your competitors' activity.

Targeted marketing

Easily segment your data to create purposeful campaigns to feed your sales team with sales-ready opportunities.

Sales reports in seconds

Generate in-depth sales reports in a couple of clicks that have all the sales and customer information you need.

Protect market share

Catch and resolve leaking customer accounts early to maintain and improve your market share.

Simplify data analysis

sales-i analyses and presents your back office data and customer data as simple, clear selling instructions.

Focused selling time

Create priority call lists, be alerted to 'probable' sales and make sales decisions based on facts.


Make data analysis simple, so you can focus on the tasks that really matter. Book a demo of our sales software today.