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Why you should be using your smartphone for business

written by sales-i Marketing Team

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It’s estimated that there will be close to 6.1bn smartphone users globally by 2020, a number that is already fast overtaking the traditional fixed line telephones. And a staggering 10% of Americans don’t have any internet access at home beyond their smartphone’s data plan. It’s safe to say that we’re smartphone addicts and their prevalence has transformed the way we work and play.

Using smartphones for business can help your team to connect quickly with customers, while your mobile workforce will be empowered to collaborate even when they’re away from the office.

Far from the traditional mobile phones of the early 2000s, the smartphones of today can keep us connected to the office, home, family and friends no matter where we are. A powerful, real-time tool for salespeople, smartphones can be an incredibly valuable addition, purely for their ‘anytime, anywhere’ capabilities.

As developments in technology get more and more advanced, business smartphones will continue to revolutionize the way we get connected and they’re almost guaranteed to keep getting more prevalent in the business world. Furthermore, the growth of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) schemes are making marked inroads in the business world and it’s estimated that almost 95% of employees are now using their own personal smartphones for business.

As a salesperson, using a smartphone for business can have a huge impact on how you go about a typical day. You can remain connected to the office, get instant access to emails, place orders, check warehouse stock or even access catalogs on the fly. Not only have business smartphones transformed what was once a rather manual job, but it also means that salespeople like you are no longer chained to your desks and tucked away from your customers; you’re on the move with your ear to the ground.

But how else can your business smartphone make your life easier? What other benefits does this handy piece of tech bring to the table?

Easier collaboration

Smartphones today can be a veritable powerhouse when it comes to selling. You can conduct meetings online with customers and prospects from every corner of the globe, order forms can be signed and sent back digitally and you can collaborate with your colleagues back at HQ on your latest projects. The likes of Dropbox, Office 365 and Google Drive all allow for real-time collaboration and it’s super easy to share files, all from your business smartphone.

What’s more, most of these apps will sync back to your desktop through The Cloud, so there’s no catching up to do when you do get back to the office. The work you’ve done during the day will be ready and waiting for you to follow up on tomorrow.

Hold meetings almost anywhere

Having instant access to a raft of information is one of the biggest plus points for smartphones, but what’s even better is that you can still do your job while you’re on the go, needing nothing more than your smartphone and an Internet connection.

The advent of apps like Skype, Google Talk, Viber and even GoToMeeting allow you to hold virtual conferences, chat to or even screen share with your colleagues and customers, all from your smartphone. We recently compiled a list of 8 smartphone apps that are must-haves for salespeople, from order processing tools to smart note-taking apps.

Automate tedious admin jobs

Most good CRM services provide access to their system from a business smartphone or tablet. Stuck on a delayed train or waiting for your next taxi? Mobile CRM systems are a huge time saver. Not only can you retrieve recent sales history, interactions and customer details ahead of seeing your next client, but you’ll be able to do all of your tedious admin when you’ve got a bit of spare time in between meetings.

Stay connected

If you’re always out of the office, seeing customers and pitching prospects, you could run the risk of feeling a bit disconnected from the office. Luckily for you, and your manager, your smartphone is the easiest way to stay connected to the heartbeat of your business.

You can now check stock back at the warehouse, place orders, monitor sales, update notes, check on delivery and so much more, all from your business smartphone.

If you’re already using a smartphone for business, we salute you. We’d love to hear how it’s changed the way you work. Leave your thoughts and tips in the comments section below.

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