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SugarCRM acquires sales-i

A new era in intelligent account management

Experience the power of AI, machine learning, and generative AI to sell smarter and grow faster.

sales-i is trusted by over 10,000 users in leading wholesale, manufacturing, and distribution businesses

Unlock your hidden sales potential

Unlock your hidden sales potential

Our sales intelligence software provides data insights all in one place, making your sales teams more effective and driving more profitable conversations.

We connect to your existing back-office system and analyze your existing hard & soft data, making it easier, simpler, and quicker to understand, so every salesperson can identify their revenue risks and opportunities.

Plus, the sales-i platform is fully backed by world-class customer support to help you reach your business goals.

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The only sales intelligence platform you'll ever need

The sales software designed specifically for manufacturing, distribution, and wholesale businesses.

Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement

Introducing sales-i, the only sales tool you need to sell smarter. With sales data analytics and an in-built CRM all in one place, sales-i enables you to sell more and to make better decisions about your sales.

Sales Enablement Software 

Sales Analytics

Sales Analytics

Dive into your sales data with our sales analytics software and see key insights into your sales activity. Create and share easy-to-understand reports that tell you exactly what you need to know to sell smart.

Sales Analytics Software 

Sales CRM

Sales CRM

Manage, prioritize and organize your time with our CRM software. Get visibility of all your call notes, easily pull up details on all of your customer interactions and order history, and get alerts to help plan your day by customer and revenue priority.

CRM Software 

Unleash your sales superpower today

How sales-i can help you sell smarter

We know how hard you work, so put sales-i to work and see what our sales software can do for your business.

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Quickly spot revenue potential

Easily see where your next move is and identify opportunities to cross-sell, upsell and link sales, all with a few clicks or taps.

With easy-to-understand reports and visuals, knowing where your next revenue growth will come from has never been so simple.

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Maximize customer interactions
Maximize customer interactions

Gain valuable insights into all of your customers with key information at your fingertips, and easily keep track of all of your interactions.

With smart CRM features, you'll be able to plan out your day and calls, take call notes, and easily view previous customer interactions all in the same place.

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Improve your sales effectiveness

Take the stress out of data analytics and reporting while sales-i does the hard work for you, and gain actionable insights into your sales data.

Find answers to key questions like 'who has bought X but not Y?' or 'where are my biggest upsell opportunities?', so you can sell smarter.

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“The sales team is more productive as they are not spending hours of valuable time on spreadsheets.”

Tony Phelps
Sales and Marketing Manager at Helapet

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Get ahead of the competition

Get ahead of the competition

No matter your industry or role, small, medium, and large enterprise organizations rely on sales-i to help them make smarter decisions and stay ahead.

Spot potential competitor threats early, create customer-facing reports in seconds, and be warned when a customer's sales are starting to slip.

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We work with your current ERP

We work with your current ERP

ERP software is what powers sales-i to do what we do. We’ll connect with your existing data and turn it into something clear, simple, and effortless.

We integrate with all different providers and haven't yet come across one we can't work with, so we'll be able to quickly and easily integrate with your current ERP provider.

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