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1 thing all successful craft breweries know.

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In recent years, there’s been a slip in the popularity of the mainstream brands that dominate their respective markets; a slip that has made some room for craft creators to gain a slight foothold in once impossible–to-enter markets.

Just as coffee connoisseurs have grown sick of queuing behind Instagram-happy, One Direction-loving teenagers and of hearing the grazing sound of someone ordering an ‘expresso’, the beer lover has grown tired of being served boring beer made en masse by companies who care more for tasty profits than they do for tasty products.

With this need for change, the beer lover found a new home in craft breweries, and, as a result, craft breweries watched their once unpopular, pint-sized market grow into something it had never been before: cool and fashionable.

The renaissance of craft beer has however brewed up a new challenge for those who make the amber nectar: to make and sell more than ever before, whilst retaining the same attention to detail which had set them aside from world-renowned brands in the first place.

So, what has been the secret ingredient to the success of the top craft breweries in recent years? What is it that they knew that the failed breweries didn’t?

As I just mentioned, one of the key features of any craft brewery has to be attention to detail; without it, a craft brewery is just a brewery, and an unsuccessful one at that.

But, what the most successful craft breweries have realized is that technical skills in the art of making beer don’t make for a good business, and that an attention to detail-centric ethos has to be spread throughout the whole business and not just applied to product creation.

Of course a fantastic product is important, but if your salespeople can’t sell efficiently to your existing customer base or find new opportunities in the market, your brewery will struggle to grow.

More to the point, while most craft breweries have invested in new technology to help innovate and create better beer, few are investing in software to help better manage the business itself.

Brewman, which was designed specifically for breweries, has proven to be one of the favorite back office systems in the industry, giving users the ability to easily track casks and quickly calculate the beer duty due on all sales.

But what’s the point in having a great back office system in place if you’re not going to do anything with the data it’s keeping organized for you? This is again a question that the top craft breweries have found an answer to.

The most successful breweries of the last 5-10 years know how to keep existing customers loyal and seize new opportunities. Purity are one such brewery who have achieved this with help from another piece of software which makes their sales process superior to that of their competition.

The type of software I’m talking about is Business Intelligence software, or BI for short. The BI system we’ve created was designed to help small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) take some of the market share from the huge, conglomerate-owned companies.

We’ve watched various different types of company – breweries included – grow with ease since they started using sales-i. The reason? The system will alert your sales team when a customer’s spend is down, or if they’re not buying something that they should be, which makes it incredibly easy to make the most of your current customer base.

sales-i can also write detailed and insightful customer reports at the click of a button, make your salespeople and marketers aware of key market-wide trends, and is even available on all iOS and Android devices, meaning that wherever your team go, they’ll always be connected to the business.

For any brewery certain of their product and serious about growth, Business Intelligence is the secret ingredient to success in the craft beer industry. Our demos are free and only last 30 minutes. In attending one, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Click here to get in touch today.

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