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7 ways to become an effective sales leader

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Are you a truly effective sales leader? No, because nobody is perfect. But can you improve? Of course, you can. We explain how.

Many sales managers are so bogged down with selling, nurturing leads, and helping their team to excel that they forget to spare a little time to think about their own effectiveness. There are thousands of sales leaders out there, each of which is constantly telling the members of their team how to improve, but how many think about how to improve themselves?

It is, of course, an incredibly difficult job to manage a sales team. Once everyone has hit target, how do you keep them motivated to keep selling? How do you teach a rookie to sell like a pro and instill someone who’s having a bad month with confidence?

These are just some of the questions asked of a sales manager on a regular basis, answers for which have to be found if they are to keep their job.

So, how can you be truly effective? How can you make sure that you’re a sales leader and not just a boss?

Our latest infographic, 7 ways to Become an effective sales leader, should help you to think about the way you currently work and figure out where your strengths and weaknesses lie. See it in all its glory below.



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