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A framework for effective sales management (tip 2 of 5).

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Tip 2: The role of a sales manager.

It may sound like it’s easy to describe what a sales manager’s role is but so many get it so wrong.

Realistically, a sales manager should only concentrate on two areas:

  1. To manage their team to achieve TODAY’s goals
  2. To recruit, develop and nurture their team to achieve TOMORROW’S goals

It’s that simple.

Obviously, there are many ways to achieve both of these, from implementing software such as a CRM system or encouraging regular sales training, but the end goal is the same – achieving their targets.

Typically, to hit quota a sales manager should be doing the following:

  • Understand the entire sales process: They don’t have to be the best salesperson, but they do need to understand processes and know where and when to make changes to ensure ongoing success.
  • Be a coach: This is an important one as a sales manager is there to provide support and guidance to help the team achieve their target. A good sales manager is a team player.
  • Know the numbers: A sales manager doesn’t need to know every last detail but keeping track of key metrics is essential, such as quantity sold, revenue, number of calls, pipeline progression and close rates.
  • One-to-ones: Meet and discuss key metrics with team members regularly to drive necessary changes in behavior.
  • 60/40 rule: As a general rule of thumb, sales managers should spend 60% of their time coaching and 40% on everything else.
  • Provide the right tools: For any salesperson to flourish, the manager must provide them with the right tools for the job, such as contact databases, CRM, phones, laptops and sales enablement tools.
The role of a sales manager has simple goals but a difficult journey to get there.

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