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A new way to learn: Introducing sales-i Training Academy.

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sales-i is proud to announce the launch of its latest training channel, sales-i Training Academy.

The result of over a year of research, preparation, beta testing, and production, the first of many new format video tutorials are now ready to view on our KnowledgeHub.

Faster system use, faster ROI.

In an effort to deliver an even quicker ROI for our users, the sales-i learning and development team devised an ‘essentials’ learning course that can precede our traditional face-to-face training sessions.

This now enables new users to learn their way around the software, develop new skills, and start to investigate their company’s data. This foundation of knowledge allows our training team to use the onboarding classroom training to be more targeted in addressing the specific needs of each company and user.

Plus, new users within existing sales-i customer companies can gain the basic skills of sales-i online, allowing teams to maximize the power of sales-i before full training can be supplied.

“With new members joining our ever-growing team it is great to be able to give them the use of the sales-i Training Academy to answer their questions.

We all know when you start a new job it takes time to learn the new systems, the new sales-i Training Academy takes away the pressure with each member able to learn at their own pace, when and where they want to”.

Cassia Cowley, Sales Coordinator at Kwikpac Ltd.


Online training benefits.

Our online training provides our customers with:

1. Quick adoption of the system

Now new starters and whole teams can explore powerful insights within your company’s data, without relying on internal training or sales-i official training sessions.

2. High-quality content

In addition to jump-starting your team’s use of sales-i, the new Training Academy draws on the expertise of our training team to deliver the same high-quality content as our face-to-face sessions. With detailed walk-throughs of processes and expert hints and tips on how to extract maximum value from your data, each course delivers valuable insights.

3. Flexible learning

Online courses can be accessed at any time, anywhere for a truly flexible and convenient way to learn. Content can be paused, restarted, and repeated for a self-paced learning experience.

4. Cost-effective training

The online resources are open access. This means you can view all the courses as many times as you wish without any charge from sales-i. Plus, online access eliminates the need for costly travel expenses or delays in getting your team working on the system.

5. Dedicated tiered learning

With our series of online courses, we can focus on features within the system as well as content for specific types of users. As such, the courses have been classified as Essentials, Advanced, and Masterclass to benefit users at every stage of their sales-i journey. Courses within these tiers are in production that focuses on the range of different users, such as Sales Managers. All work to deliver a comprehensive suite of quality learning content for our customers.

“In today’s world, our customers want self-paced, on-demand training courses giving you access to the information you need, exactly when you need it.

sales-i Training Academy gives you the flexibility to learn in your own space and at your own pace. With regular knowledge checks and quizzes throughout, it’s a great interactive way to remove barriers to the software, calm fear of the unknown, and allows a quicker time to adoption of the system.”

Rachel Challis, Digital Content Lead


The sales-i Training Academy is available right now, with new content being released throughout the year.


Visit the sales-i Training Academy to get started today.


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