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A practical guide to future-proofing your business.

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How you use this time in lockdown, will determine how you come out of it. With sales-i by your side, you can maintain productivity and focus on reaching those vital sales goals, just by using the functions and capabilities within the software.

Remote Working with sales-i Campaigns.  

Many of our customers are having to adapt to the way in which they can communicate with their clients, having a cloud-based solution in sales-i has been a big advantage for them in that regard. For example, salespeople out in the field are having to adjust to an internal sales reality. This may be far from what they are skilled at. However, with sales-i, they can use the information stored to build new data-driven strategies.

Once we experience a return to normality, both suppliers and distributors are going to need to be able to hit the ground running to get back on track. By raising relevant points in conversation with your customers now, you can discuss how you might be able to help them in the future.

A very practical example of this is using the sales-i Campaigns functionality. You can empower your external salespeople by proactively generating customer call lists from sales-i Campaigns, to raise a number of key objectives which can be discussed with customers in the short term. By having these conversations now, it will give you the opportunity to affect the top end of your pipeline and consequently help you secure future business deals.

Housekeeping with your sales-i Record Card.

During downtime, it is always a good idea to cleanse your database and ensure your salespeople take responsibility for their accounts and contacts.

This time allows you to investigate each customer or prospect in your sales-i record card and consider what information is being recorded and to what degree. Are there pieces of information that would be convenient in the present situation or that would help analyse ways to be successful after the COVID-19 crisis comes to a close?

An easy example of this would be ensuring you have pertinent contact details for multiple contacts within each customer that you could use at the moment.

You can also record competitor information alongside your customers – such as who else they buy from – as this could help you target those customers and mop up some extra business when people return to normality.

Record your Customers Coronavirus Updates.

With your sales-i record cards, you can take some time to research your customers and find out how the Coronavirus is impacting their business and add this information to your fields.

Are they working from home? What are their opening hours? Are they closed? Are they still delivering? And so on.

It is extremely useful, both as a salesperson and a manager, to be able to quantify how much of your customer base has been affected and to what extent, to help build a picture of sales performance over the coming months.

Naturally, sales-i can help you do all of this, and more, to see day-to-day what your performance looks like via your dashboards and Enquiries. Even during these uncertain times, you’re able to maintain your productivity and continue hitting your sales goals with innovative technologies at hand. Business must still go on!

For more information on how to get the most out of sales-i, head to the Knowledge Hub on the website for focused practical guides that you can easily follow from home.

Alternatively, you can join our weekly webinars that explore different areas and functionalities of sales-i, to help train you and your team in getting the most out of the software. To book your place, simply follow the link below:

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