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Aptus Fasteners.

As one of the major UK suppliers of fasteners, Aptus Fasteners are using sales-i as an everyday part of their business.

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Since its establishment back in the early 1990s, Aptus Fasteners has grown to become one of the UK’s largest suppliers of fasteners and fixings from their warehouse in the Derbyshire countryside.

  • 11 sales-i users
  • 27 years in business
  • 10 product ranges

The Overview.

Priding themselves on personal customer service and a quality product offering, Aptus Fasteners’ varied product lines meet the needs of a number of trades. From dry lining and solar energy accessories to screws for the construction and cladding industry; Aptus Fasteners proudly offer a top product range that consistently delivers for their customers.

With such a comprehensive product range that spans a multitude of applications, Aptus Fasteners comfortably sells in excess of 1 billion products every year.

The Challenge.

Such an extensive product range and growing customer base often lend themselves to a lack of visibility into any changes in spending, typical customer behaviour and sales trends.

Winston Kilburn, Sales Manager for the company understood these challenges all too well: “We needed a means of viewing customer sales history and producing accurate sales reports that our external sales team could use to stay on top of any changes with our customers.”

The Solution.

The team at Aptus Fasteners first began their quest to find a solution back in the summer of 2013 that would work alongside their existing Merlin accounting package and soon discovered sales-i.

“sales-i went far beyond what we required. They listened to our demands and our pain points and were able to provide a solution, and more.”

"sales-i provides us with everything we need to react quickly when we need to with complete sales reports, trends and a CRM system. It is an important part of our business."

– Winston Kilburn, Sales Manager

The Results.

Since introducing sales-i, the team at Aptus Fasteners has gone from strength to strength. “It has become an integral part of our business. We can react far more quickly to trends and customer activity which is making our business more efficient in the long term.”

The external sales team are all now using sales-i’s Autopilot feature which is designed to make any salesperson’s meeting preparation process easier delivering a sales report, key financials and any outstanding opportunities to the user even without an internet connection.

“Autopilot is giving the external sales team the ability to spend more time in front of our customers rather than preparing sales reports,” Winston adds. Autopilot is saving the Aptus Fasteners team both time and money.

The Future.

“Not only did it tick all of our boxes, but we have a system that both our internal and external sales teams adhere to and use. The many features in sales-i, from call logs to sales reports are now an everyday part of our business.”

“sales-i provides us with everything we need to react quickly when we need to with complete sales reports, trends and a CRM system. It is an important part of our business,” Winston concludes.

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